Enjoy!♥ and feel it!

In the far away fires
Where the hills forever burn
At the feet of our heroes
We try hard to learn
But the lesson is lost there
In the smoke and the miles
That we are one flesh, one breath, one life,one blood

I stood by the river
That ran, ran with shame
I stood in the killing fields
Where death had no name
I stood with my brothers
And awaited fly
And we where one flesh, one breath, one life… one blood

Then I fell to the ground
Tasted ashes on my tongue
Thinking that only the dead
Are forever young

There was peace in the twilight
And for a moment or more
It was a world without danger
A world without war
Then I would take all your suffering
It would do any good
Cause we are one flesh, one breath, one life…one blood


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